Joegreen Project

From Nothing to Something
From No one to Someone
From Useless to Useful
From You to Me
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Joegreen Project Philippine Daily Inquirer Feature 

Used plastic bags as my vehicle compassion for mankind and its environment is my advocacy, I create new usable bags out of used plastic bags. Teaching the technology to worthy Filipinos nationwide to help augment their livelihood and inject a hint of hope that there is more that we can do as an individual or as a country collectively to make our country greener and better. And I want to share my light for all to see and spark them to light on their own way, combining all are light, we will be the brightest light world can ever see, Lets pass on the light, with not a hint of division, poor, rich, sinner, saint, lovable and unlovable, and we shall be the greatest grandest version of the PHILIPPINES! Whos with me?

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